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Default Tranmission Oil type question

Happy New Year Everyone.

I have few questions would like to ask you for new year. I just bought used 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5 SE model. It has 140K on it. From the car-fax report it only showed one service of transmission oil change at 46k. I think that is the last time it was done. Now I would like to do a complete tune up on a car to give me a peace of mind. Here are my questions

1. Transmission fluid Type. I read a service manual and it required Genuine NISSAN Matic D ATF. I search on Amazon and I found the close match is "Genuine Nissan Accessories 999MP-AA100P Nissan Matic-D Automatic Transmission Fluid". I don't know if that is a correct one to use because in the description it said this oil is only for 3-4 speed automatic transmission not 5. If it is not the one can you give an exact type and where do you buy it.

2. Is it necessary to do a multiple drain? Because this oil is very expensive and it requires 9.5qt. Each qt is 17 buck. So I don't know if it is necessary?

3. Cooling water change. Do I need special tool as show in the service manual. Can I just use a conventional method that slowly fill while engine at idle until it full?

4. Timing belt. This is my first time own a car with timing belt is a chain. It is necessary to change it?

Also what other services I need to do on the car to ensure its reliability for couple more years.

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