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i bought this Altima based on the reputation that the car had, which is great not to mention the over the top high praised Nissan name brand. The Toyota Camry has been the #1 selling car in the country for years with the Altima coming in second. My thinking was that if that many people were buying it, the quality has to be there.

I was never a fan of the look of the Altima but the redesigned 2013 is beautiful both inside and out. We knew we love the look and Nissan was dangling a 2 year free maintenance offer on all pre-sales, so we went went for it. The truth is, when Nissan first started promoting that, it was a straight forward two year free plan. It turned out to be a very limited Free maintenance plan which basically covers oil changes and a few small other items tossed in. To break it down even further, Nissan recommends oil changes ever 3,700 miles or close to that. The maintenance deal only covers every 7,500 miles so the customer is paying for every other oil change.Clearly not the way it was promoted.

Having said all that, I hope these issues get resolved because at this point in time, all i want to do is bring the car back and buy another toyota which is the brand that my entire family has owned for 30 plus years. None of my cars had issues especially a new car going ack to the shop to be fixed with less than 700 miles on it and lets not forget, two recalls within 3-4 months of a release date.
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