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Default 2013 Altima engine noise recall

For those of you, including myself, that was anxious and couldn't wait to pre-order the new 2013 Altima, this is something that you need to be aware of.

There seems to be a common complaint about the noise level on the 4 cylinder 2013 Altima's that seems to be coming out of the engine / transmission. It's frustrating for those that are dealing with this because it was not an issue with the 2012's and it is also not an issue with the six cylinders. I dont blame the local dealers because most of the sales staff did not have any idea what the 2013 would bring except for what they found on-line and in the brochures. Basically the same information the consumer can find on their own.

This low rumbling sound during acceleration became annoying to the point where I brought it back to the dealer and drove another Altima with the same engine to compare them both. Surprisingly, the second car did not have an issue. After many conversations between the service manager and Nissan headquarters, it was determined ( listen up ) that the first group of Altima's that were shipped out had an engine belt that was the wrong size. The result was that a loud obnoxious rumble sound was created during acceleration. The second car that I drove had the correct size belt so that was fixed by Nissan before it was shipped out. This seems to be a known issue at Nissan but for some reason there is no recall, which clearly needs to happen for the early released cars.

Now that the rumble noise is gone, I am hearing a new sound which is a high pitched whine coming out of the engine compartment. This seems to be another known issue because many people have contacted Nissan about this and the comment that most people are sharing is that Nissan's response was " the sound is coming from the power steering motor and it is normal " if that is true, it is a slap in the face to every customer that they have because they think we are that stupid to believe that we are supposed to be hearing a noise like that on a brand new car, especially after paying $30,000 for it. Nissan needs to address this issue as well.

To sum up the the 2013 Altima, I would say that it is beautiful both inside and out but after already having two recalls, and now this belt issue , plus the whine from the power steering unit, I would never recommend this car to anyone until they get their act together. I believe Nissan truly cares about their product but in the case of the 2013 newly redesigned Altima, they should have waited to release it until is was mechanically ready.
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