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Ok guys, update. Dropped off the car to the dealer and finally got the call from the Service Dept. I was told the magnet engaging the clutch inside the compressor is at fault.

On a positive note, the Sales guy (a very good friend of ours) from whom I got the car from, which I also told my friends and families about (he probably sold 5 or 6 cars because of me), got me the Gold Membership Extended warranty without any cost to us. Now I know what he meant when he said "Don't worry, I took care of you..." I totally forgot about this warranty and I was ready to pick up the car and go to a different trusted shop I always go to for my other cars, until the service dept. told me about it when they called back.

They told me everything is still covered by the warranty that ends March 2014. Out of curiosity, I asked how much w/o warranty and they quoted $1055. I felt like I won the lotto when he said "everything's covered Sir". What a relief...
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