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Exclamation 2009 Nissan Murano start problems

We have been having starting problems with our Nissan Murano for almost 2 years! It is most frustrating! The dealership has had our car 3 or 4 times and can not get the car to duplicate our problem so they will not replace any part to try to fix it. We have replaced the batteries in our key fobs twice and the dealership replaced the car battery during the last visit.
Our problem is very sporadic also. Sometimes the car will not unlock by the push button on the door handle even though the key fob is in my purse on my shoulder. Sometimes it will unlock with the key fob and then won't start saying "NO Key". I find myself talking to the car saying "how did I unlock you if I don't have the key!". Sometimes the dash indicator says "Brake" and then when I step on the brake it is very hard and the car will not start. This weekend my husband and I both had our key fobs with us and the car says "NO Key". Sometimes if I take my key fob out and lock and unlock the car a few times...the car will respond and start...sometimes I open and shut the car door and then it is almost a different scenario each time.
For some reason, the car dealership will not replace our key fobs...we are ready to trade this in for a Toyota!
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