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Default Question to change the aftermarket light bulbs

Hi , i have the OEM HID package on my 2008 Altima coupe 3.5 SE and just want to replace the light bulks to 6000K, so i brought the D2S light bulbs to change as the Vender said the D2R and D2S are the same and the different is D2R have a piece of metal on the light bulbs,and the rest are the same. So when i change the first light bulb everything look OK, but when i change the second light bulb , the second one only light on 30 second then turn off, or both lights turn off (just like cut off) , i need turn off the light swatch and return on again, but it only keep the light on about 30 second then off again , and now i put back the OEM light bulbs again and everything look OK .Do anyone know why ? . thanks
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