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Default Tire pressures

You will alter the "parameters of tire performance" by putting in the max pressure. You will probably have only the center portion of the tread hitting the road.

The max pressure is there as a limit. The pressure you want is the one that gives you the combination of performance and tire life you prefer. The max pressure allows that tire to be used on a very heavy vehicle, at a pressure higher than that used on a light car without the tire manufacturer designing a new tire for that use.

Get yourself a tread depth gauge and learn how to use it. The video at the url below is by Michelin, and is a great 2 minute demo.

You can monitor the wear on your tires, and the wear at specific parts of the tread [inner/outer]. Adjusting the pressure will allow you to even out the wear.

The manufacturer's pressure limits are usually set for comfort. I usually add 3-6 pounds to them and have had excellent results for the last 50 years.
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