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Originally Posted by walnutbird17 View Post
Thank's.I'm in Nova Scotia.I update my assist nightly.I looked at my assist just now and the recall hasn't been posted yet.I know that some gaskets will be drop shipped to me however I have no torque spec on the sensor.I should mention that I haven't smelled fuel.The owner has.Any conversation I had with tech line envolved the extended crank time/rough idle.At this point they are looking for my help in getting a snapshot of data with the C3 plus while displaying the symptom.Also the owner of one unit has supplied me with a short video clip with sound of the instrument cluster while the engine is cranking over and not starting.
Per tech line the torque on the sensor is 50nm. The tool that Nissan is sending makes it easy to torque it but you can do it with a 6 point 27mm deep socket. I think the spec. on the recall here says around 45nm.
I e-mailed a copy of the recall to you.
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