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Lightbulb 2006 Maxima TCS, SLIP, ABS, no start, lights and fan come on, FIX

OK... so 2 weeks ago... the alternator failed (it failed high as in high voltage caused cruise control issues and stereo issues til found and replaced not part of this issue just history) replaced it with autozone alternator which lasted 1 and 1/2 weeks... replaced with new autozone alternator 2 days ago (lifetime warrenty)
So last night I am coming home with jr in the car... as I turn into the driveway my dash board lights up like a christmas tree. ABS, TCS, SLIP lights come on... I was like WOW! I shut it down... will not restart cranks but no fire. Also headlights come on regardless of light switch position and cooling fans kick on regardless of temperature. There is also just the slightest hint of magic smoke (electronic burnt smell) that seems to be centered over the display and glove box area... strongest around the center right a/c vent.
my 1st thought
Then i check CAN/OBD2 codes i get U1000(CAN sytem communications issue) and P0462 (fuel level issue)
So I chase under the dash, remove glove box.... remove entire passanger side lower dash, remove driver side lower dash, remove center console portion of dash, remove radio display/service display... . I can't find it. I probably looked like a crack head as I was busy sniffing wires and connectors... and every box i came across down there.... the ECU smelled fine... looked good... all others looked good smelled fine
Made a call to the dealer (have a few friends that are service techs there) they say look for the A/C auto amp also known as climate control... I was a bit dubious but faithfully looked in dash center console area above the radio.
Then i notice an innocent looking box under the dash display... it is white... about 8"x4"x1" white ribbon going into it from climate control buttons... it has a hole or more correctly a slot on the top of it... about the size of a nickle edge on... looks like a piggy bank slot... and it has the faintest hint of burnt smell coming from it. So... I remove it as only two more screws hold it in place.... as i rock it out of its place it makes a funny jingling noise like it has money in it.... I was like then... nah couldn't be. I take it over to the work is still jingling.... unscrew the cover... pull out the PC board... out fall not one... but two pennies!!! I look at the chip on the PC board... and it has a hole blown in it... well there goes $200+ for new one... or in my case i going salvage yard likely $75-$125 shipped to me.

the case has the following numbers on it
27760 7Yo1A

I write this hoping to help someone else out there who has a similar problem and to warn you guys out there *DO NOT PUT COINS ON DASH* as dumb as it sounds. Fortunately for me it was in front yard and fortunately i am a mobile mechanic and have friends who are mechs and techs. And fortunately Sonora NISSAN in Yuma AZ is a great and helpful dealership (mods you may remove the plug for sonora nissan if you feel need to... i figured they deserved a plug for pointing me in right direction for free)

Good luck and hope this story is helpful to someone out there.

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