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Originally Posted by rick33b View Post
My '04 Maxima - Slip, VDC Off, Brake, ABS lights all come on shortly after I start moving (As I start moving I can hear the ABS pump running a few seconds and stopping just before the lights come on). I show code C1124 - RR LH IN ABS SOL
The referenced bulletin States to ONLY rework the RIGHT REAR hub and replace the wheel sensor. This is confusing - doesn't LH refer to LEFT HAND in the code C1124 -RR-LH IN ABS SOL? The code CC1126 - RR RH in ABS SOL has RH in it. Wouldn't that be the right hand code?

Also, if the right hub needs this procedure because of corrosion, wouldn't it be advisable to perform the same procedure on the left side?


You need to do the repair on both sides. Also with that code you are going to have to replace the ABS controller.
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