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Originally Posted by joeveebee View Post
I have an 05 PF that has 125k on it and has been whinning for about 2000 miles.
Shame so many are having this problem, but these posts are a great resource.
I am planning on making this repair myself and am looking for info on how to insure I am at TDC on cyl number 1. Once I get that accomplished, is this where I lock the crankshaft in place? How do I utilize the marks that are on the new chains to set the timimg?
Thanks for any help.
If you choose not to remove the intake plenum and valve covers (follow steps in NTB09-128; less work this way), suggest using the large pictorial in the service manual that shows the correct position for the crankshaft and primary/secondary timing chain/sprockets when it's at TDC on cylinder #1. FWIW, this pictorial was on page EM-174 of the 2007 Nissan Frontier Service Manual (.pdf version). I would not recommend using the pictorial that shows TDC using only the timing mark on the crankshaft pulley. This was off approx. 20-30 degrees when I tried this method (even when rotated 360 deg). In any case, you should have reduced/minimal tension on both secondary timing chains when you find TDC for cylinder #1. If either chain has significant tension, you're in the wrong position. Caution, each engine can have different colored timing marks painted on the various subassemblies, so you can't count on a particular color code to use (this includes the new, replacement timing chains). Bottom line, make ABSOLUTELY sure you put the new timing chains back in the same, EXACT position as the old/previous chains. To do this use whatever system you feel comfortable with to include painting your own timing marks. And, yes, once you find cylinder #1 TDC, lock the flywheel in place with the J-48761 tool for the remainder of the job. Good luck!

You might find some of the pictures in this thread helpful:
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