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Yes you definitely still need to hold the camshaft with a wrench while loosening the camshaft bolts on the cam gear. (It doesn't hurt to have the ring stopper gear in place to keep anything from rotating)

Here is direct link for special tools.

Nissan TechMate - Detail: J-48761 - STOPPER, RING GEAR

Nissan TechMate - Detail: J-50246 - VQ TENSIONER SHOE INSTALLER

As long as you can get the crankshaft bolt off some other way (ie. laying breaker bar against frame and bumping stater) then you probably don't really need special tools. Just find piece of wire or those little micro screwdrivers to stick in the tensioners to hold back plungers while replacing shoes.

As for the shoes themselves, you could easily push them on without the special too. Just have to force them on. Tool just made it a little easier but not necessary.

Good luck to all the DIY's
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