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Default tensioner shoe replacement addendum 2

to all that are planning to do this: Again,don't be afraid of this!. It is not that difficult. Just make sure that you take your time and that you have all of the proper tools and manuals. Most importantly, read and follow up on what others are doing or not doing. Their input is critical as to the success of this project.

A couple of items to clarify from the last few posts:

1. Before starting this, remove the serpintine belt to see if the "whine" is still there. If not, then it is most likely something off the auxillary drives See thread from "nissan07".

2. Per the manual, I used a wrench on the camshafts to remove the "CAMSHAFT BOLTS" not the "CRANKSHAFT BOLT". The flywheel lock tool is used for 3 purposes.
A. To lock the crankshaft in place to prevent rotation of the engine.
B. To support the camshafts via the timing chains so that the "CAMSHAFT BOLTS" can be loosened and removed without removing the valve covers. (I elected not to do this and removed the covers so that I would not stress the timing chain components).
C. To support the 'CRANKSHAFT" so that the "CRANKSHAFT BOLT" can be loosened and removed.

Thanks again for everyones' feedback.

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