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Here's my shopping list for my 92 NX 2000 in order of need...

Must haves
  • Daytime Running Light module (Need ASAP - no low beams!) Can't source new.- got one November
  • Speedo/odo doesn't work, so probably a cable...Using GPS is inconvenient! My regular mechanic couldn't source it.
  • Driver's side sunvisor - Can't source new and the junkyards have ones worse than mine.

These I can live without, but need...
  • Driver's side seat...left side bolster looks like it's been attacked by

  • left and right fog lights
  • front airdam (mine can probably be repaired cheaper than replacing th airdam & fogs - just need to find a bodyman I can pay in )

I have a Vail white exterior with a blue interior. Supposedly Blue is rare when I bought the thing new and nearly non-existent now! .

Thanks in advance

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