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Hi Nissan Tech. Hopefully you may be able to help out. All right here we go. I have a 1998 Nissan Frontier, four cylinder extented cab. I have spoken with Nissan consumer affairs have also looked high and low for a particular replacement for my truck. Unfortunately Nissan no longer makes the replacement. I am sure I am on line at this point to find the part. The part is the dash cluster. I just heard back from an out of state tech who has looked at the cluster and has informed me that the cluster can not be fixed. I have one other person down south, a Mr Wizard who also makes the calim that he can fix the cluster. I am pretty sure with my luck the person who looked at it in MA is right on the money about this cluster not being able to be fixed. But theirs always that chance I could be wrong. I was curious if you might be able to give me some direction. I have download the Adobe file for the wiring section for the cluster for the 98 Frontier. Their is one thing though, the plug config only discribes the numbers on the plugs on page 31 of the manual. I was curious if their was a way of finding out which number/number and letter is for what componet, and is their a way of wiring in after market componets to work with the computer. I have run into a problem with obtaining a New York state inspection. I believe this is because the driving trace that needs to be completed by the truck is not being accomplished. I could be wrong, but I think this is because the cluster is not providing the right info back to the computer. The last two times that I have run the truck through the inspection process it has come up telling me that it is not ready for the inspection. That is after doing the driving trace twice. I look forward to hearing any information you could possibly provide. Agin the info about the plug config is really important and will allow me to find which wire from the plug could possibly be jumped out so I can continue to charge the Battery while I play with the cluster myself to see if I can fix it myself. For some reason the charging system works through the cluster???

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