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Exclamation Loud Scary Clunking Noise While Turning

I drive a 2000 Nissan Altima. Today I went over a railroad track at highway speed (like I do everyday on my way to work) and I heard a big "bang" . My first thought was that the bulge I have in my tire (bad, I know!!) finally blew. I have had tires blow (on a previous mazda-three tires in the two years of owning it!!), and pulled off the road ASAP. When I pulled off, I could see anything seriously wrong... so I pulled back on the road and started driving again, slowly. I can now hear a clunking (loud and singular) when I turn corners. It started with just to the right, but by the time I could find a parking lot that was safe to leave my car in, I can hear it on the left (not as bad however.) It does it while parked as well. Upon inspection, I can tell that the tie-rod seems to be stable, and the tires don't have any give when you push on the top of them... I did notice a large tear in the CV boot on the LEFT side, but the sound seems to coming more from the passenger side of the car. Also, the tear is large, but I cannot see any dirt on the grease so I can't imagine it has been there long. It also was pulling to the right really badly (but I realized a tire in back has a slow leak that was down 7-8 pounds of pressure which may or may not have caused the pull..?) the pull seemed to be immediate though...?
As a poor college student, I'm terrified this is going to cost me a lot.. I changed the entire motor out about 6000 miles ago, and then shortly after that found it was leaking oil due to a tear in some seal, had to get that replaced (labor cost me a TON for an item that cost me under $20 (especially since they put the new oil in when I got the new motor which means I thought they should have caught this right away (since they had to have ripped it or just put in a ripped one!!!) and this car was a salvage title, that I have totalled.. and kept. (body repairs were done.) Which means insurance-wise it is worth exactly zero. Anybody have any ideas? I live in the middle of no-where, so I can't really switch mechanics, and I'm afraid of these guys may be taking me for a ride, if you know what I mean...
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