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Originally Posted by patch4 View Post
Somtimes my 2010 Murano's keyless push button start does not work. I want to emphasize that I have my foot firmly on the brake at all times. The ignition clicks, but does not start. Sometimes I have had to push the button up to 15 times before it finally starts. The dealer has replaced the brake switch and the FOB and the problem still occurs. This happens very randomly. I was told by Nissan to video tape the problem when it occurs, but I don't see how that will help other than verifying the problem. I had a 2007 Murano with keyless ignition that was a turn switch instead of a push button and I never had a startng problem. Is there a solutioin for this problem?
What do you have for floormats?
Also the port is not for charging the fob. It is there in case the battery in the fob dies.It will read the chip in the key and allow it to start.
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