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Default addendum

Thanks to Nissan 07 and others:

I have received several private questions since I posted the orginial thread.
Hopefully, this may help answer some of your questions. If any Niissan techs or anyone else would like to add, agree, or say that I was way off base, please feel free to do so.


I have learned a lot since I did this project. Let me explain what I found out and it may help in your decision before attempting this. I drove for approx 80k miles with the whine. My photos that I submitted showed the tensioner shoes worn all the way down to where the chains were riding on the hardened steel tensioners pistons ( no noticable damage to the piston tops: see photo). Close examination of the chains showed that the center links were visibly worn down. Since I did not know what was actually going on in the engine, I was concerned. The Dealer wanted $1800 for the job. From what I have heard, the reason that it is an NTB and not a recall is because it is primarily a noise issue. For 80k I was having fun telling everyone that asked, that the noise was from my aftermarket gear driven supercharger. Depending on your driving conditions, if you have been changing your oil regularly, and don't mind the noise, I would not worry about it. Change it out at your convienence. I did it because at the time, I could not find any forum where someone took the time to walk me through the process as to what was going on. In retrospect, what I did gave me peace of mind but really had no bearing on the engine reliability.
hope this helps
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