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Default j-50288

the j38761 is a huge machined block that fits into the cut out of the bell housing and will not move/shift/rotate and will prevent the flywheel from turning once installed. the j-50288 appears to be considerably smaller for a smaller cut out.

The original purpose was to lock the flywheel so that you could use the engine as the stop when manually unbolting the bolts from the harmonic balancer and camshaft bolts. ( the timing chains would be left installed and would take the torque, including the tensioner guides) per ntb09-128. This was obviously done to facilitate a faster repair time. I would not load up my new chains with this kind of load. I pulled the valve covers and used a cresent wrench. I used the lock to keep the engine from turning if something moved.

One very important note: I used a mirror to check the aligment of the chain around the crank. (I also used the mirror to make sure that i did not miss removing any bolts on the cover)

On the initial install of the primary chain, the crank to chain index mark looked right. with the mirror, I was off a tooth!!!!!. the acute angle looking down made it appear that I was on the mark.

this was one of the things to look out for that I did not mention previously.

In short, my advice: If you are going to do it, don't Mickey Mouse it! $150 will seem small if you are broken down on the side of the road.

FYI: After I made the original post, I had approx 50 miles on the engine to make sure everything was OK, Then I went on a 800 mile road trip with travel trailer, went from sea level to 7000 ft. (no trailer at 7000) and back with no problems.
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