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Originally Posted by rkmengineering View Post
the 2 kent moore tools are J-38761 flywheel lock and J-50246 tensioner clamp with the 3 tensioner wire locks (note: the third lock did not fit into the primary tensioner. Too big, could have been specific to my engine.)

they are available through Hands on Tools but one of the items that I purchased was the last one available and they told me there would be no more until April?)
Also, they were expensive. I will list mine at a reduced rate.

The tensioner shoes and Tiimng chains are Nissan campain parts and have special numbers. 13028ZK01C chain and 13097ZK01C for the shoes. Download the ntb from this site. for all of the parts needed.

There were a few other "tricks" that I did on my project to help me out, but I did not list them on my post. If you plan to do this, let me know and tell you what else I did. (it would have made the post way too long)

good luck and thanks again for the positive responses

Thanks again! Ref the special tools, I believe the general consensus is the J-50246 Tensioner Shoe Installer (~$35-$55) works fine on both the FWD/RWD 3.5 & 4.0 litre engines. However, the flywheel ring gear stopper J-48761 listed as "essential" in NTB09-128 is almost $100! I've had a couple folks tell me J-50288 (~$35-$50) may also work. It's possible the J-50288 flywheel ring gear stopper could be specific for the FWD Nissan 3.5 litre flywheels and the J-48761 specific to the RWD 4.0 litre Frontier, xTerra, Pathfinder, etc.--I don't know. Anybody out there familiar with these tools that can shed some light?
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