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Default 2002 Altima 2.5... new key NATS lockout

i have 2002 Altima with 2.5

NATS locked ignition...

i tried making another key blank, using just metal key. The key turns in ignition, lites up dash.. but car wouldn't start.
Tried another "new" key.. turns, but doesn't start.

Now my orig key no longer works. i only had one key (bought car used).. which is why i had other keys made - not knowing about NATS.

Seems after 5 attempts.. NATS locks the ignition.

Car turns eng over, but not starting.
i had a P1614 code with NATS..
i cleared the code.. car doesn't start. Turns eng over, but not starting.
Battery run down.. so i discon batt/charged overnight.. and tried again..
Still not starting.

i tried the "Escape from Lock" mode procedure...from service manual.
Car still won't start.

it was working/starting fine before trying the "new" keys.

i tried disconn battery for hours/put on charger..
then check code - no codes.
Still doesn't start.
i tried "Escape from Lock" procedure again... off, on for 5 sec, off.. 3 times then start..
still doesn't start.
i tried starting fluid.. nothing... .so not getting spark... like ignition is locked out still.
The red security lite on dash blinks every 3-4 secs.. but i think that is normal mode.
i thought the red sec lite stays on when NATS is in lockout mode????

How can i tell if its still NATS locking the ignition? or other problems??
How can i get out of lock mode ? .. without towing to Nissan dealer - 1 hr away.

Does the "Escape from lock mode" sequence take it out of lock mode?
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