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Angry Nissan Xtrail 2002 high oil consumption

I am suddenly experiencing high oil consumption in my xtrail. About 6 weeks ago i had the head gasket replaced as it was losing coolant, and had been for some time. I had taken the xtrail into the nissan dealership when it first started losing coolant and they couldn't find a problem, so i carried on as normal. The only reason I had to do something more about it was when the temperature gauge was fluctuating rapidly, and the nissan dealership said the gasket needed replacing. Paid over $3000 to get the sorted, then low and behold I have an oil burning problem! The car never used much oil before I had the gasket done! I realise that getting the gasket replaced can unleash other problems, but so quickly? There was no evidence of this problem before. The guy at the dealership isn't really that interested, and told me to come back after 1000km to do another oil consumption test. After looking through these forums, I am wondering whether i have the same problem as some others, whereby it is the butterfly screws. You would think that this would be known to the nissan dealership who should have checked they were all there and tight, or maybe they don't care as long as they can keep fixing your car and take your money. How do I know that the oil problem is not something that the dealership done whilst fixing the water problem? He has told me that it is possible that the rings are had it and it will cost me quite alot to have them replaced, but could it just be the valve thingees that are not relatively expensive to fix? Can anyone help me?
Jenny NZ
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