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Originally Posted by GENIO View Post
Hi everybody
Someone could help?
Some days ago i loose the right wheel free hub from my Frontier D22 chasis, QD32 is my first time i need to look for a spare part like this. I found there are several models depending on the spline axle (31, 28 ,etc)...but i donīt know what the spline axle is???...How can i know which spline axle is for my car?....Hope someone can help me. See you
Locally in my country the Nissan rep gives me a quotation of over $600.00 each hub.....what a cost!!!! web sites i look for the same parts costing $140-$180.....A GREAT i need to buy it somewhere else, not at the rep store.
I am assuming they are talking about the number of splines on the front axle where it mates to the hub. The easiest way to find out the number would be to remove the hub and count the slines.
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