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Maybe not 600 or 1200 grit paper... that's HEAVY grit for any finish. And you won't have to tape off any area (to prevent messing up elsewhere) except for if you spray. I wouldn't spray anything there...

I did my '94 vette (black) by hand. Spent about 10 weeks on it, with 2000 grit, then rubbing compound 2 passes, sometimes 3, then polishing compound at least 3 passes, every section of the body, many sections redone in the learning process. And you'll learn ALOT, if you have patience...

That included paint chip repair (black is easy to match ), which went really well. I consider myself very near expert on paint finish after this. Biggest gimimck/hide-all is wax in products, some which say they contain no wax . Almost ALL have some petroleum derivative in them - usually wax, which fills swirling and hairline scratching. Do a soapy rinsedown, the wax goes away, guess what's left???

I used many products - some cheap, some PRICEY, and took pics of the entire process.

The phrase 'sterility of work environment' has special meaning when doing finish work. A hair falls out, lint come off a sweatshirt, and you have to start over, not knowing about it until you wipe down. It's nightmare work, but looks great if carefully done, with the right material.
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