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When you say it is hard starting, do you mean a long cranking time 5secs+? Or is your engine just starting and stalling or rough idling? If its the case, try this simple solution before doing anything else, it worked on my car with same problem. I just cleaned the throttle body! It sound simple but if the throttle body is dirty, the idle air passage might be obstructed and prevent free air passage, making idling rough. It will cost you 5$.

The other thing i might think of is the fuel pump or fuel filter. The problem with the filter is that you need to remove the whole fuel pump assembly to get access. If you are willing to do it, you might as well change the pump. The check valve inside the pump might be bad, allowing the fuel to drain back in the tank.

By the way, the pump for a 2006 is exactly the same as for a 2000 Sentra. So if you shop around, ask for the price of a 2000 fuel pump, you might save 200$ easy over the price of a 2006 fuel pump. They do fit exactly at the same place.

Please post back you fix!
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