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Unless you drive in severe conditions, you can go 7500 miles without voiding the warranty. I'm using synthetic now and I plan to change my oil every 7K or so to keep the warranty. If your car is not under warranty, you could probably go 10K with synthetic. I'm using the Mobil 1 advance fuel economy to save money. At 21000 miles per year, I would change my oil 3 times, and spend about $80-90, but also save about $36 in gas (according to the calcuator at; That's about $15-20 per oild change. PS: Never go more than 6 months on sythectic unless you are using the special kind that goes 15K or one year (Mobil extended performance). Walmat sels synthetic cheap, but I don't about going 10K on it. I trust mobil 1 to do that.
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