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2009 Altima Coupe
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You can take it to any Nissan Dealer for warranty. As far as finger prints I'd take the service manager out and show him, then tell him you want it cleaned, its a new car!!
Steve, I love the part "Also, leaving NV, I was able to check the speedo with an NVHP officer, and we both agreed that 92mph was accurate. " LOL thats great. I have a 2009 Alt.2.5s and KNOCK WOOD I have no weird rattles. I do agree with the Dr. about the seat belt tapping the piller. I wrote in another post that I got one of those soft seat belt slip-ons and slide it over the metal of the passanger seat belt. It keeps the tapping away. I just have to slip it back over when my passanger gets out or the tapping is back. I've felt the Bass on the radio in the steering wheel and gas pedal too. Minor, I just ignor it and it really does go away. You can put more sound to the rear speakers too. I will try a higher Octane if I feel any eng. Vibs, sounds feasable to me.
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