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2009 Altima Coupe
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Default Touch Up Paint For Wheels

I scraped up my wheel today and went to the dealer to get touch up paint. They said they didn't know what color the wheels were. I needed touchup for my car anyway and it's radiant silver #K-12. I stopped at a collision repair shop a very nice one (they always have BMW, Mercades, Vipers Vets, high end cars) so I figured I'd get some advice. The guy (Gregg) helped out. He said that most Japenese auto makers use one of thier paint colors for the wheels also. In my case 2009 Altima coupe the Silver K-12 is the color for the wheels also. Makes sense. He said Companies like FORD will use different colors and he has a chart for each one. But, for our Altimas the color is K-12. Alittle fine grit paper and a little touch up, we'll see how it works.
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