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Default EVAP leak gross

ses light is on auto zone checked codes for me p0455 which is the evap system leak gross000tried putting plastic bag over gas filler neck(under gas cap) light still has not gone out felt around the evap canister and all feels ok i found where the drain tub hooks to a fitting on the frame rail were does the other end come out?? is there a tube that runs all the way to the hood? also found another screwy looking tube which is metal i think but don't know were it comes from it loops over frame rail and then just stop looks like some kind of drain tube---is there a way to easily isolate where the leak is---i have no air compressor or way to make a large vacuum test. also crawled up a little further and found a small round metal thing that's all rusted just kinda sticks out from no were and can't tell were the lines/tubes go what is this?

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