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Originally Posted by tech22 View Post
A series of O-rings and seals keeps it dry.Go to chapter CO page 40 and note parts #6 and #7.I've done far to many water pumps in my time and this is a very common practice.The seal is located within the pump assy, itself.You can't pump oil and water thru the same cooling passage.

Yes, believe me I know you can't pump oil and coolant through the same passages.

What I'm getting at is this. Since the water pump is inside the engine and driven by the cam-chain (which is all in oil), I'm assuming there must be a shaft attached to the gear that the cam-chain drives. That shaft then drives the pump on the coolant side of the system.

This shaft must have some kind of seal on it that prevents oil from getting into the coolant, and also coolant from getting into the oil. See what I'm saying. If that seal blows, there could be cross contamination, and it would be coolant going into the oil side due to the 15 psi that the coolant system runs at.

Unless there is some magical way of turning the water pump without a shaft and appropriate seals between the oil and coolant side, I'd like to see the design details.

I’ll checkout the manual pages you listed when I get to my other computer.
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