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Default 2004 Altima - All Weather Floor Mats

I ordered a set of all weather (black rubber) floor mats from Nissan for my 2004 Altima. The fronts are shaped exactly like the original factory carpet mats, and the driver's side snaps in the retainer plug also. Nice fit on the fronts.

But the rear all weather mats are cut differently than the original carpet rear mats. The rubber mats fit, but they don't cover the whole area towards the front of the floor board like the original rubber mats. The front cornes of the floor are not coverd very much at all.

Did I get the right mat set (p/n 999E1-UN000)? Anyone else notice this if you got a set of the rubber all weather mats from Nissan? Just wondering if this is normal, or if maybe I got the wrong set or maybe the cut was changed down the line on these mats.

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