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Angry Why isn't an 05 covered?

I haven't read the service bulletin yet, but I have the same exact problem. Engine light stays on. Engine cutoffs after high speeds, during high speeds. Transmission-sounding problems...maybe downshifting, but I'm far from a mechanical expert.

So, basically, correct me if I'm wrong, I just need to take my car in to the dealership, but once there, do I present this bulletin or wait for their diagnosis. Unfortunately, I don't really trust dealerships. I think some are just as sly as Jiffy Lube.

I spoke with my mechanic today. He told me that any certified transmission shop would hook up to my car's computer and at the very least tell me what's causing the problem, possible for free --- realistic?

I just don't want to get ripped off. I'm quite ignorant when it comes to my car's mechanical issues, but being mine is a 2005, with 64k and i've rreplaced the brakes, battery, rotors, alternator, and a few other items, I'm really starting to re-consider even keeping it. TO think, I've only owned Nissans all my live.

Sorry for the long post. This forum is and has been the only good resource I've found so far.

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