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Yeah I had the recall performed about 2 months ago. And yesterday I was on the thruway with my infant daughter and all of a sudden the motor shut down and then shot back on. Then it started doing it at low speeds, and the service engine light went on. So I immediately take it to the dealership and tell them what happened. "Oh well sir you see we have to diagnose it so that would cost you $92. WHAT!!!! I already diagnosed it with my OBD II Code reader. It says PO I believ # 335, but states Crankshaft Position Sensor A circuit malfunction. If i am not mistaken if the sensor itself is bad the car will not start. Am I wrong? And also when they do the recall do they have to go under the hood? Because the day after the recall was performed My car started to overheat. I go under the hood and all of a sudden I see that the coolant fan sensor was freaking unhooked. Good thing I know a little about cars because some other joe schmo might take it back to the dealer and they charge $100 to plug it back in!!!!!!
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