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I can think of a couple of things off the top of my head. But the car is far too new to be any of them. Are you still under warranty? If so, I'd be prepared to live without that car for a few days and have the dealership you bought it from address the issue. If not, you might have to spend the money on the repairs in a trusted shop. Better yet, at the dealership. I don't know about Canada's Lemon Laws, but here in the States if you experience the same issue after having it repaired three times there is some recourse.

As for the VINs affected by the recall, the information is provided by the site owner. Where he gets the information, I'm not sure but the omission of the unaffected VINs may have been at his source or even before that. Not all of us has the time to chase down each detail of each TSB. I'm pretty sure the site owner doesn't either. We all work and live in the RW and spend most of our time there. Myself, I work twelve hour shifts five days a week and spend most of my time spinning my own wrenches. If you'd like to address this inaccuracy with him, you can PM him.
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