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I have not replaced my thermostat yet - waiting for a warm and sunny day as I also plan to replace the rocker arm cover (also known as the valve cover) gasket.

I do believe the thermostat is the issue and when it pops the Check Engine Light I just use my code reader to clear the code and that lasts for a good while. It is annoying.

Curiously while I asked specifically about "wondering should I use any kind of gasket sealer on the gasket and if so what is best or should I just put it on dry or something else..." nobody seems to be able to read and comprehend the question as you can see/read.

So I bought from Amazon Permatex 22071 Water Pump and Thermostat RTV Silicone Gasket, read the instructions and my plan is to follow the instructions on the package. I think I will apply a small bead around both sides of the gasket surrounding the bolt holes, assemble things finger tight, wait one hour and then tighten to specifications.

RTV means Room Temperature Vulcanization so the one hour wait is to get the product time to cure and vulcanize.

I bought two thermostat gaskets from Amazon just in case something goes wrong I can start over again:

Note that the thermostat must be installed in the proper orientation. You might check the installed one before pulling it out paying attention to the orientation.

The thermostat has (should have) a little loose bleeder valve in the flange that needs to be in the 12 o'clock highest position when installing to make it easier to bleed the air from the system after refilling the system.

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