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Default Please Help....Code P1140 - 2001 Nissan Pathfinder

Been getting this code for awhile. After an oil change, I replaced the sensor from Bank 1 (Passenger side), then cleared the code, which came back immediately. I then swapped the sensor with Bank 2 to see if the code would follow, which it didn't. Still showed P1140. I also cleaned the connectors to make sure a good connection was being made.

I then removed the IVTC solenoid from Bank 1 side, removed it from the housing unit, cleaned it and connected it to a power source to see if the valve would move back and forth, which it did. I reinstalled it with a new gasket (I think the source of my small oil leak) & cleared the code, which returned.

For the longest, I had small oil leak and I originally believed it was coming from my real oil seals. After removing the IVTC solenoid, 1) the gasket tore in pieces & looked very brittle, which leads me to believe the seal might have been compromised and 2) I noticed A LOT of built up oil just below the solenoid.

I'm starting to think I may have an electrical/ground issue, which has me totally lost. Any help would be much appreciated!!!

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