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2006 Altima Sedan
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Default 2006 Nissan Altima 2.5 Cam Position Sensor code

Ok, Iíve read a couple very similar cases on this website but there wasnít a solution posted for either of them. Maybe some one knows.

I bought this car for my daughter, so I wanted it to be good for at least a couple years. Had some white smoke coming from the tail pipe and figured it needed a head gasket. I also had the bright idea to go ahead and change the timing chains on the car since Iíd be tearing into it. So I proceeded to change the head gasket and timing chains and timing chain cover, yes I know how to time these. Iím 99.9% sure itís timed right. The other Altimas Iíve timed are good.

So now we have new plugs, new head and valve cover gasket, new water pump, new timing chains and cover/oil pump. New oil and radiator fluid. I take it for a drive, drives like crap, no get up, no power. The cam code pops up along with the oil light. So I go to autozone and replace the cam sensor. The car doesnít even start with that sensor. I put the old sensor in and starts right up but code comes back.

I have a genuine Nissan cam sensor coming, is that what it is, it needs to be a Nissan sensor? I have yet to find a resolution to this problem. Iím not a super knowledgeable guy on Nissans so any input/help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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