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Update: I replaced the Electronic Throttle Control Actuator and did the re-learn procedure and I have the same problem with the following codes. The car will start, but doesn't stay running and accelerator does nothing:
U1000 & U1001
P1122 & P1126 (same as above)
P0605 PCM Read Only Memory
P0444 EVAP Emission Control System Purge Valve Open
P1212 ABS/TCS Communication Line
P1612 NATS Malfunction

I suspect I have a single problem that is causing all the other codes. The battery was faulty last December (under warranty and replaced) and now it won't stay charged, so I'm really beginning to think I have some kind of electrical/ground/harness/short problem. I let the car sit for a couple weeks in January and discovered I had a dead battery when my remote didn't work, so I think something is draining it.
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