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Default P1122 ETC plus other codes

My 2004 Nissan Quest 3.5 died while driving about 40mph. It would restart, but die right away. I got it home by trying to race the engine to keep it going, but now every time I try to restart it, it just dies and doesn't stay running. Pressing the accelerator does nothing. I pulled the following codes with my scanner:
P1122 - Electronic Throttle Control Actuator
P1065 - ECM Power Supply Heater
P2138 - Throttle/Pedel POS Sens/Switch D/E Voltage Correction
P1126 - Throttle Control Motor Replay
P1615 - NATS Malfunction

Do all these codes relate to the Electronic Throttle Control Actuator or could there be multiple failures? Should I replace the ETC or does it just need to be cleaned?

Would re-learning the ETB fix it or is this only done after replacing it?

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