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Originally Posted by smj999smj View Post
Nissan only says to inspect at 15,000 mile intervals. That basically is their way of saying, "if it looks/smells dirty or burnt, service it, otherwise leave it alone." That's going to depend a lot on how the vehicle is used and under what kind of conditions. If the vehicle does a lot of stress-free highway miles, the ATF can easily last 100,000 miles. If the vehicle is heavily loaded most of the time and/or tows heavy loads a lot, then it makes sense to replace it more often. My Pathfinders, which have the same transmission, do mostly highway miles and seldom tow; I feel comfortable with do a drain and fill (which replaces about a gallon of ATF) every 60,000 miles. I always use Valvoline Maxlife Full-synthetic ATF which I get in a gallon jug at Walmart for $17, which is fully compatible with NissanMatic Type "S" ATF. I have a combined 445,000 miles on my two, R51 Pathfinders and I started using Maxlife ATF at 45,000 miles and 85,000 miles, respectively, and both shift like brand new. Also, there's no filter to replace, so just remove the 19MM drain plug, drain the fluid, replace the gasket on the drain plug (Nissan 11026-01M02) and re-install (torque 25 lb-ft), then refill the transmission. There is a 10MM head bolt that attaches the dipstick to the dipstick tube, so just remove that bolt and pull the dipstick out to check it or install a funnel to refill the fluid. Fluid level should be checked on a level surface with the engine running and trans fluid fully warmed up.

I got the van used with 60,000 miles and put another 40,000 on it while using it as a campervan conversion so there's plenty of weight on it. Would you recommend going with the drain and fill in that case or a full flush?
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