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Originally Posted by oshinx View Post
Check ur Air intake boot. It most likely has rips (you have to take it out to inspect it to). Mine did, I replaced it, part costs like 30ish dollars on amazon and its pretty easy. If the air intake has rips replacing it should fix your problem right away.
Thanks oshinx for this suggestion but after an inspection of the air intake boot it looked to be free of any cracks or rips.
I have since taken it back to the dealer for an oil change and subsequent diagnostic.
The dealer came up with code P0463 calling for a new fuel sending unit ($1300 CAD) and P0746 new transaxle assembly, I assume transmission? ($4K-$6K).
This is crazy, the car is only worth about $4000.....if that.
I sent Nissan Canada a scathing letter about my troubles with Nissan cars (had 92 Pathfinder where the transmission was replaced with low mileage as well).
I have learned my lesson and will not be purchasing another Nissan automobile.
I can't believe on the numerous forums i've read about this issue that there's no real fix for the stuttering/hesitation, including a few that even had their transmissions rebuilt.
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