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Default Soaking wet driver's side footwell during heavy rains, 2003 Sentra

So my son's '03 Sentra (GXE model, 1.8L) has a water leakage problem when it rains. Water is soaking the floor mat & carpet in the driver's foot well area. Looks like water drips down from somewhere behind the A-pillar, and hits the plastic kick panel trim by the hood release before making it to the floor mats/carpet. Any ideas on where to search for the leak?

When it stops raining, I'll try testing with a hose to see if I can isolate how the water is getting in. FWIW, the car does not have a sunroof, so I don't think there would be any drainage tubes in the A-pillar that could be clogged or leaky.

Thanks in advance!
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