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Originally Posted by Murano 604 View Post
I have a 2007 Murano that is experiencing the same jerking/hesitation/stuttering mentioned above.
It happens quite often and usually when the car has warmed up. And jerks at about 18-25MPH.
The car has 130,000 KMs (@ 81,000 miles).
It was brought into a Nissan dealer because of the cars tendencies and the service engine light was on.
They found past codes of P0463, P0868.
The invoice also noted that it could be the fuel pump or valve. CVT tested OK at this time monitor.
I have scoured the internet to find the answer but seems like no has found the solution to this problem.
I would appreciate it if someone has had this problem and has had it resolved. Can share what they did or was done to the car.
Extremely frustrated!
Thanks for listening!
Check ur Air intake boot. It most likely has rips (you have to take it out to inspect it to). Mine did, I replaced it, part costs like 30ish dollars on amazon and its pretty easy. If the air intake has rips replacing it should fix your problem right away.
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