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Originally Posted by JCF View Post
Last summer I purchased a used 2011 Versa Hatchback and after a month of driving it I noticed that the speedometer and odometer were inaccurate. This was determined by driving a known route and later by comparing to a GPS.

The speedometer reads 93% of the actual speed. So if the speedometer indicates 65 MPH the actual speed is 70 MPH.

The odometer is indicating more mileage than actually traveled. The actual mileage is 96% of what is indicated by the odometer. On a trip of 421.7 miles (GPS) the odometer indicated 437.5 miles. That's 15.8 miles difference.

The tires are the correct size and pressure so I know that isn't the cause of the difference.

How do I get this fixed?
There was a recall issued to fix that problem. You should contact a dealer to see if it was done on your vehicle.
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