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Originally Posted by kzap View Post
Hi All,

I have a really weird problem and I’ve been searching the web but couldn’t find the cause of it. The problem is whenever I turn off the engine, I have to wait at least 15 minutes for the engine to fire up again regardless of the engine temperature. During that fifteen minutes everything is normal such as cranking, lights, radio etc…. I replaced camshaft position sensors and also crankshaft position sensor. I even replaced the IPDM and the problem still persists.


Stop throwing part's at it hopeing that they'll fix it. Take it to Nissan and tell the service manager the symptom's, let them diagnose what the problem is and my advice is to let them fix it as well. Although Nissan's Labor charge's are high,, it may very well in the end be the cheapest way to go.

Not knowing what you're doing and playing around with the electronic's on these Truck's can get you in a pretty deep Rabbit hole before you know it.

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