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Default 2004 pathfinder 3.5L DTC 1130

I can't seem to find the issue with this code. I've replaced the swirl control Solenoid valve and tested it with voltage and heard it clicking. It doesn't seem to activate the actuator. I tested the actuator by applying vacuum with a vacuum tester/hand pump and it operates as It seems it should. I followed the guidelines in the factory service manual for testing. Intake manifold gaskets have been replaced and are not leaking. All vacuum lines either new or clear.
There is vacuum at the manifold but it doesn't seem to be getting to the actuator.
While the manifold ( top and bottom) were of I cleaned them and they are like new. Butterflies were and are moving as they should. Vehicle still jerks under load or hard acceleration. the only code is 1130
Any ideas would be helpful
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