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Hi Dean

This doesn't look like the same engine. I have the 2.0. looks like my vvt is at the front of the engine. I pulled the inside splash fender off and there is a circular hole and I am able to see the vvt. I pulled the *mm bolt and the dam thing was seized. I spun the ear and used pin nose pliers to pull and only half of the shit ass thing came out. Tomorrow I need to figure out how to remove the rest. There is no hole so I can't so the screw and wheel puller trick. I'm going to try a stronger pin nose pliers to grasp the 1/4 in lip maybe this will work. Worse case a small hole with a small screw and some shavings in the engine. This just has me really ticked. I hate the fact that the intake plenum is over the engine where you cannot disconnect the coil packs with the engine running. Oh well I will post how I make out tomorrow and thanks for the reply.

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