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Question 2002 Pathfinder 3.5L engine knocksensor problem

The engine light with the rear knock sensor has been on for about a year. I'm told repeatedly that it's not a problem and to ignore it. Now I've just had a ton of work done on the car, including new head gasket, tune-up, repair rear engine antifreeze leak, and more, took it home, and check engine light is now flashing, codes say knock sensor and misfiring on 3rd cyclinder. Back to the shop, replace coil, back home--and light is now flashing again, beeps from inside car, vibration, codes say 3rd cyclinder misfiring and rear knock sensor. Back to the shop.

The car is second hand, hood says 2000 3.3L engine, but it's actually a 2002 and mechanic says 3.5L engine, and he just can't imagine that the knock sensor has anything to do with the problems. Note: third mechanic to tell me this.

So, anyone have any ideas how to find the location of the knock sensors? And whether these problems (misfiring, vibration (even idling), CE light flashing, beeping) have anything to do with the knock sensors? The problems did not exist before I had the coolant leak taken care of and the engine all apart.
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