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Ok, I got the engine swapped out and everything back together. Tried to fire it up and it cranked up for just a second and died, could not get it to try to fire again. It's got fuel pressure and spark, but my Noid light is busted, so I'll have to get a new one tomorrow to further troubleshoot the injectors. I double checked to verify I didn't have the fuel lines crossed and I'm absolutely sure I didn't mess up the oil pump/distributor timing when I installed the new pump; I made a scribe line on the distributor rotor to make sure it went back exactly as it came out. I doubt the crank sensor is bad as I'm getting good spark to the plugs. The spark plugs are completely dry after turning the engine over quite a bit, so there's no fuel getting to them. I also verified that the engine has good compression.

The replacement engine is a salvage engine from a reputable place, but it'd sat up for a good while, I think if the Noid light check is good, I'll go ahead and swap in the known good injectors from the old engine as the ones in the salvage engine may be clogged. Though the old engine was cooked, I drove it into my shop, it ran decent, just smoked and knocked pretty badly.

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