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Nissan had a lot of problems in the mid to late 90s with the threaded inserts in the back of the speedo head (the ones that the mounting bolts that contact the printed circuit thread into) developing cracks, which caused the bolts to loosen-up at the time. I worked with a Nissan service rep on a similar issue on a 1995 Sentra that would throw the P0500 code on a somewhat regular basis. He brought out a Japanese engineer who literally cut right through the main harness so he could take the instrument cluster/harness connectors and about 8" of wiring harness with him for testing. Of course, he installed a new cluster and harness connectors and soldered all of the wires on the vehicle. Tightening the screws can fix the problem for a given amount of time; just what that amount of time is, one never knows! It could be days, months...years! The proper fix is to replace the speedometer head with a new one. As the years go by and many of these speedo heads get discontinued, this gets harder to do.
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